Saint Anthony’s High School is a Roman Catholic, 方济会修士, college preparatory school, rooted in the seraphic principle “Capture the heart and the mind will follow” (St. 博纳旺蒂尔). Our mission is to educate young men and women on their journey towards Truth.

圣. Anthony’s Athletic Department is committed to our student athlete’s journey towards Truth.  It is the goal and objective of the Athletic Department to use interscholastic sport and intramurals to foster the belief in our Roman Catholic Heritage, in the 方济会修士 tradition. 

St. Anthony’s coaches are expected to   

  • Stimulate physical and emotional health, individual integrity, and self-respect
  • Foster and encourage leadership potential
  • Encourage a sense of social responsibility, a generous spirit, and an unselfish service toward one’s neighbor in the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Create an atmosphere in which friendship can flourish
  • Be exemplary mentors by their thoughts, words and deeds
  • Lead their student-athletes in prayer before all athletic competition
  • If the team is away for a weekend coaches are expected to provide time and transportation to fulfill their Sunday obligation to attend Holy Mass.

St. Anthony’s Student-Athletes are expected to:

  • Comply with the Student Code of Conduct as laid out in the Student Handbook
  • Respect their coaches
  • Continuously work to be socially responsible, generous in spirit and unselfish in service toward one’s neighbor in the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy